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Serving Those Who Serve

At Strategic Investment Services, We are SmartVestor Pros with Dave Ramsey. We understand how overwhelming it can be to navigate the world of financial planning and investing. We have greater then 50 years of trusted guidance and easy-to-understand advice, We seek to address your  concerns by serving as a trusted resource.

We especially love working with those Who have or are "Serving Those Who Serve" ie Vets, Military, Police, Firefighters, Teachers, Doctors , Nurses, Gov't Employees, Pastors and anyone who provides serves to others. Being a retired vet and a former teacher makes us pride to serve those who serve.

We are an independent financial services firm assisting clients in securing a future for themselves and their families. We believe there is a need to help families create and preserve wealth, and that financially healthy families help make their communities better places to live and the nation stronger. We provide comprehensive wealth management, including strategic, tactical and family planning. Our top priority is to serve our clients first, last, and always. We believe our clients appreciate the value we offer and our personalized attention.

We also offer a unique perspective to financial planning because we following what Dave Ramsey teaches about managing your money. We are committed, just as Dave is, to providing Biblically-based, common sense education and empowerment, seeking to give hope to everyone from the financially independent to the financially distressed. Our faith in God, our community, and our country shines through in our interactions with clients because we seek to serve as ethically responsible stewards to our clients.

We strive to learn and understand individual and business financial information, build and maintain long lasting relationships, and provide the highest quality information, service, and products to help bring financial peace.

Based in Miami, Florida, we work with clients throughout the world. We invite you to contact us today to learn more about how we can help you pursue your goals and secure a multi-generational legacy.

Client Centered

Without any conflicts of interest we put your needs first.

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