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Emilin Pellim

Emilin Pellim

Office Manager  | Real Estate Associate

I am blessed to have been in the Real Estate and finance field since a young age. Real Estate and finance are my family business. Family is the most valuable asset. We are about protecting and providing life’s greatest riches. I am a mom of two wonderful boys and I know that my success is their success. That is the reason that  I want to help people to achieve their financial independence. Financial freedom is a mental, emotional, and education process. We are here to coach you in this process.

My core values are R-E-A-L-I-T-Y:

Relationships - add value to others;

Excellence- be excellent at what you can; 

Attitude- determines your latitude;

Love- love hard ,live right, and pray often;

Integrity- never violate your personal and professional integrity;

Truth- seek it;

Youth- see life through a child’s eyes.

 Summary of Qualifications 

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